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How to manage your company settings.
How to manage your company settings.
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Company settings are where you configure and customize your account as a company administrator. Here's how;

Step 1.

Access the "company settings" option under the profile icon.

Step 2.

You will get visibility to the different company settings as categorized below

Step 3.

Fine tune your account to match your unique needs under the different categories as explained below.

1. Security policy.

Here's where you can set a time period for how often you would like users to change passwords, this could range from a period of 1 to 365 days.

2. Approval policy.

As an administrator, this gives you the choice to either have your transactions go through automatically once initiated or have a person approve each and every transaction after it has been initiated.

3. Chart of accounts.

This feature helps a company to easily teleport the information in your xente platform to your preferred accounting system. You can easily add a new account to the chart by clicking on the orange highlighted tab as seen in the image.

4. Xente Accounts.

As an administrator, Xente allows you create as many accounts as you like to manage your company, these could be in the name of branches, projects, departments, to mention but a few, here's how;

  • Go to " Create another account "under Xente accounts.

  • Once done, name the account in the way you best see fit and tap on "create a new account" to save it on system.

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