Types of account users.
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The person acting as the account administrator will have visibility to the different users on the platform by clicking on "Account settings" under their profile and then go to the" Account users" section. The users are;

1.Invited users. These are the ones you send an invitation out to join the platform as a user.

As an administrator, you have the rights to delete their invitation if you feel they are not fit to use the platform at the time, and you can as well resend them an invite in the event that they didn't receive the prior one, by using the signs under the "action" section as seen below. The "delete" icon standing for deleting of an invitation and the envelope standing for a re-invitation.

2. Activated Users.

These are the users that are actively using the platform. As an administrator, you have the permissions to suspend a user if they are no longer with the company and also reactivate users that have been previously suspended, to suspend a user, kindly click on the profile like structure under the action section.

To view, or edit user details, click on the "eye "structure in the picture above under "action" to get visibility to the settings page. Once done, kindly save to effect changes.

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