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Pay company bills with Xente
How to pay your bills with Xente.
How to pay your bills with Xente.
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Whether it's your utility bills, taxes or any other financial obligations, Xente has got you covered. Here's a quick and easy guide on how to get it done.


Access the "bills and taxes" section on your dashboard.

Step 2.

Go to "Add a new bill account" under the profile icon and select your preferred biller.

Step 3.

Input your account number and tap on the "validate" button.

Step 4.

System will auto generate your account details, input the telephone number that you would like to receive the token and save account for future reference.

Once the account is saved into the system you can easily select on it and initiate payment for any bill of your convenience with just a single click.

Step 5.

The party stated as the organization's approver will have to approve the transaction for it to go through successfully.

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