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How to add a user into your xente account.
How to add a user into your xente account.
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Account users are the dedicated individuals responsible for orchestrating and overseeing the activities that power the Xente platform. They are basically the approvers and initaitors on the account. This article will provide you with the essential steps to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for your new team members. Let's proceed with the instructions.

Step 1.

Log into your account.

Step 2.

Click on your profile icon and go to "Account Settings".

Step 3.

Under Account settings go to "Account Users".

Step 4.

Click on "Add a new user".

Step 5.

Input user details and save changes. At this point, you can choose to assign rights to the individual, as either an approver or initiator depending on the role you'd like them to play.

Step 6.

The person being added as a user will receive an email notification inviting them to join the platform, and with just a simple tap they will unlock access to the Xente platform.

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