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What can I do with a Xente account?
What can I do with a Xente account?

Features of a Xente account

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Xente is a versatile digital-only account that is designed to save your business time and money on everyday business payments.

A Xente account gives you the following solutions

Online payments without hustle or stress

Generate virtual Visa cards for secure online spending. Safely pay for online services like Uber, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Zoom, and many others

Spend management

Xente offers smart Visa cards that automate spending and expense reporting

Disbursements of mobile money, airtime, and data

Simplify sending mobile money, airtime, data, and more to staff, clients, and other business stakeholders

Collect local and global payments

Use our all-in-one payment gateway and collect money via Visa, MasterCard, MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money - and more

With Xente you have everything you need to run a modern finance operation, all-digital, all cashless that will save your company and your teams time and money on everyday business payments

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